Minute Book of the Huddersfield Branch of the Women's Social and Political Union (1907-1909)

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  • Edith Key's minute book has unnumbered pages, so the numbering used below reflects the sequential page scan numbering
  • an attempt has been made to retain the formatting of the writing
  • square brackets are used to indicate potential transcription errors or indecipherable words

Page 1

Election of Chairwoman
Minutes of last Meeting
Arrangements for Social on Jan 20th
a   time to commence 7.30
b   Refreshments ✓
c   How much to charge ✓
✓ Leather Hand bag lost in Town Hall.
Election of Secretary, Treasurer,
& Literature Secretary for the present

Page 2

Minutes of meeting held May 14th 1907
1.   Minutes of the last meeting passed
2.   Secretary’s report re affiliation with Friendly &
Trades Club accepted, & the matter be reserved
for future discussion.
3.   Passed unanimously that Whit Sunday be a holiday
4.   Report re visit to Mrs Hellawell be accepted, & agreed
that the subject be dro[…?]
5.   Mrs Scott moved & Mrs Thewlis seconded that Mrs Key read
a phamphlet next meeting

Page 3

Meeting held May 18th 1907
Mrs Shakeshaft presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Miss Williams moved that we have an outdoor
meeting & that Mrs Wilson of Halifax be
asked to be speaker. Mrs Lodge seconded
the motion, failing Mrs Wilson, Mrs Mitchel.
Miss Hopson moved, & Mrs Lee seconded,
That Mrs Thewlis be chairwoman of the next
Mrs Thewlis moved, & Mrs Haigh seconded, that
meeting be held on Saturday June 8th, 1907,
@ 8 p.m., at Market Cross, Huddersfield
Mrs Thewlis moved & Miss Beever seconded, that Hymn
sheets be at meeting.
Mrs Thewlis moved, & Miss Beever seconded, that next
business meeting be held in Friendly & Trades Hall.

Page 4

Meeting held June 4th/07
Mrs Lodge presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Miss Hopson moved & Mrs Thewlis seconded
that meeting in Market Place be postponed
for some future date. June 15th.
Miss Hopson moved, & Miss Williams that Mrs
Shakeshaft be delegate.
Mrs Shakeshaft moved & Mrs Mosley seconded
That Mrs Thewlis be delegate. as a amendment
9 for Mrs Thewlis. 1[?] for Mrs Shakeshaft.
Mrs Lee proposed that next meeting be
Held in Mrs Shakeshaft's home. Mrs Thewlis
seconded. Carried.
That meeting be advertised in 'Workers' this

Page 5

Meeting held June 11th 1907 at Mrs Shakeshaft
Mrs Haigh presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Mrs Pogson moved, & Mrs Thewlis seconded that
failing Mrs Wilson, Miss Julia Varley be asked
to speak at meeting at Market Cross on June 15th:
Mrs Thewlis to be chairwoman.
Collections. Mrs Key, Mrs Sykes, Miss Brooke & Miss Hopson.
Miss Williams moved & Miss Beever seconded that we
have one inch advert front page Boro Advertiser
Mrs Thewlis moved & Mrs Scott seconded that advert
in Worker be extended to inch.
Mrs Thewlis moved & Mrs Lee seconded that Mrs Mantel
be asked to speak at an outdoor meeting on
June 29th.
That Miss Lowenthal or Mrs Jagger be asked to
entertain Mrs Mantel
That next business meeting be held at Mrs Scott’s
48 Grove St.

Page 6

Meeting held June 18th / 07 at Mrs Scotts'. 48
Miss Hopson presiding
1,   Meeting of last meeting passed.
2.   Mrs Thewlis moved & Miss Beever seconded that
Secretary write Mrs Mantel asking her to give us
a definite date for open air meeting on the
Saturday evening, on June 29th if possible.
3.   Mrs Thewlis moved & Mrs Lee seconded
that Mrs Jagger be asked to be chairwoman
at Mrs Mantel’s Meeting.
4.   Mrs Shakeshaft moved & Mrs Sykes seconded
That St George’s Square & that Speaker stand on
5.   Proposed & carried unanimously that next
meeting be held at Mrs Key’s, Regent Place
Bradford Rd.
6.   Carried unanimously that Secretary attend
the conference of sectaries when it is
held. She to represent Huddersfield Branch.
7.   Result of open air meeting at Market Cross on
June 15th/07. / eight shillings & fivepence. (8s/5p)

Page 7

Meeting held June 25th/07
at Mrs Key’s Regent Place, Bradford Rd.
Miss Williams presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed.
1.   Moved by Mrs Pogson and seconded by
Miss Hopson that question of Friendly
and Trades Hall be left over till the
end of July
2.   Mrs J Haigh moved, & Mrs Haigh seconded that
Miss Lowinthall be asked to entertain
Miss Mantel failing Miss Lowinthall,
Mrs France Littlewoood.
3.   Moved that advert be in the Worker 2 weeks
and the Advertiser 1 week. Miss Hopson
moved and Mrs Lodge seconded.
4.   Mrs Lee moved and Mrs Shakeshaft
seconded that the following be asked to
take the chair for July 6th Miss Lowenthal
Miss Brooke Mrs Moorhouse Mrs Marshall.

Page 8

Carried unanimously that 1½ doz of the
Womens Franchise be ordered weekly.
That next meeting be held at Mrs Thewlis's, 29 Hawthorn
Terrace, Calton St., on July 2nd, & meeting on July 9th at
Mrs Pogson's 50, Lowergate, Longwood Paddock

Page 9

Meeting held in Friendly & Trades Hall
on July 3rd[?]   Miss Adela Pankhurst presiding
Carried unanimously that all Branch business
(with the exception of meeting on July 6th)
be postponed until the by-election in
Colne Valley is over.
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Mrs Wadsworth Brook proposed & Mrs Haigh seconded
that all Branch business be postponed until
after the By-election.
Mrs Pogson moved & Mrs Lodge seconded
that a collection for rent of Friendly &
Trades Room be taken. Collection realized
three shillings & threepence.
Mrs Lodge proposed & Mrs Haigh seconded
that Sec. have 2s/6d allowed for
stamps etc.

Page 10

Meeting held in Friendly & Trades Hall
Room 5 on July 23nd/07.
Mrs Scott presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed
Miss Williams moved & Mrs Thewlis seconded
that Resolution proposed by the Committee
for Annual Conference to be held on Tuesday
July 30th.
Mrs Hellawell moved & Mrs Roberts seconded
that Sec. write asking Miss C. Pankhurst
to visit Huddersfield Branch after her visit
to Bradford.
Mrs Roberts moved & Mrs W. Brook that next
business meeting be held at Mrs Pogsons
50, Lowergate.
Mrs Roberts moved & Miss Hopson seconded that
Sec. enquire for terms for Clarion Club rooms
& old Worker rooms.

Page 11

Meeting held at Mrs Pogson's Lowergate
on July 30th/07.
Miss Hopson presiding
1.   Minutes of last meeting passed
2.   That Sec. & other members of the Branch
visit the Clarion Club & inspect the
committee room, enquiring as to means
of warmth, lighting, seats, etc, & report
at next meeting.
3.   Mrs W. Brook moved & Mrs Scott that we be
represented at Annual Conference on
Oct 12th. Carried unanimously.
4.   That next meeting be held at Mrs Scott's
48 Grove St. Huddersfield
5.   That we have a picnic on Wednesday, August 7th.
6.   That Secretary write Mrs Black asking if
she will be at home on August 7th, also if
she be willing to entertain Branch at a
picnic on that date.

Page 12

That this meeting decided that Secretary
write Mrs Thewlis explaining the feelings of
the Branch towards Mrs Thewlis, & asking her to work agreeably
or resign from the Branch. Carried unanimously

Page 13

Meeting held at Mrs Scott's, 48 Grove St.
Aug 6th/07
Mrs Pogson presiding
Resolved that Clarion Club Room be engaged
at the rate of one shilling per week to
include light, firing[?], seats, etc.
That we have a collection at Mrs Black's
That next meeting be held in Clarion Club
on Tuesday August
Discussion re letter which had been sent to
Mrs Thewlis
Minutes of meeting held at Picnic at Mrs Black's
1.   Resolved that a vote of sympathy & regard be forwarded
to Miss Gawthrop
2.   That a vote of confidence in Mrs Pankhurst
& helpers be forwarded to her. Collection 2/8
3.   A vote of thanks to Mrs Black for her kindess
& that next picnic be held at Mrs Brook's on Aug 21st

Page 14

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms
Aug 13th 1907
Miss Hopson presiding
1.   Minutes of last meeting
Correspondence passed.
2.   [...?]tors for lapsed members.
Mrs Scott & Mrs Key, for Wednesday afternoon
Mrs Shakeshaft & Mrs Lodge, Thursday evening
& report at next meeting.
3.   Mrs Scott moved & Mrs Mellor seconded that
sale of 'Women's Franchise' be extended.
That Miss Williams see Lockwood Club
& Secretary, Free Library
4.   Resoled that Mrs Mellor read a paper
next week.
5.   Mrs J[?] Haigh proposed & Mrs Lodge seconded that
Sec. write Miss Brooke if members can
have a picnic on Aug 21st at her home, or
failing Miss Brook's, at Blake Lea.
6.   That one Pound (£1) subscription be
sent from Huddersfield Branch to £10,000
Fund, & be sent on Oct 12th on the date of the Conference.

Page 15

7.   Mrs Shakeshaft moved & Miss Williams
seconded that we have a social
evening to defray workers election
expenses who were not paid by
Mrs Pankhurst, to be held in
the near future. Sec enquire
terms for large room, & that
Mrs Scott's daughter be asked to be

Page 16

Meeting held in Clarion Club,
Aug 20th/07.   Miss Hopson presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed
Correspondence passed.
Report of lapsed members from Mrs
Shakeshaft, Mrs Lodge, Mrs Scott & Secretary
& several new members present.
Resolved that Mrs Key, Mrs Mellor, & Mrs Scott
ask for permission for convenience for
women to be had free at Market Cross
& at different places in the Borough, &
Sec. report at next meeting.
Thanks accorded for to Mrs Mellor for
her paper which she read.
First Social to be held in September.
Resolved that Miss Williams read a paper
next week.

Page 17

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms
Aug 27th/07.
Mrs Brook presiding
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Moved by Mrs Lee & seconded by Mrs Haigh that
Secretary write to Co-operative Women's Guild,
Women of the Independent Labour Party, & any
other body of women, concerning the convenience
for women at the Market Cross, & in other
parts of the borough.
Resolved that picnic beheld at Miss Brook's
Wooldale, on Wednesday the 28th, & that
members go by 2.30 train from Huddersfield.
Also that members who are present notify
absent members.
Paper read by Miss Alice Williams, and warmly
appreciated by the members.
Moved & seconded that Secretary write asking why reports
from Branches are not inserted in 'Women's Franchise'.

Page 18

That Miss Hopson give a paper at
meeting on Tuesday next.

Page 19

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms
Sept 3rd/07.
Minutes of last meeting read & passed.
Correspondence read & discussed.
Resolved that a meeting be held on Thursday
Sept 5th & that Miss Adela Pankhurst preside
That Secretary notify absent members of
Thursday's meeting.
Miss Hopson's paper read & warmly appreciated.
Animated discussion followed. Mr Dickinson's
Bill No 2 read & discussed. Secretary read
articles in 'Women's Franchise'.

Page 20

blank page

Page 21

Special Meeting held in Clarion
Club Rooms.   Sept 18th/07
Miss Brooke presiding.
Correspondence read from Mrs How-Martyn[2]
& Mrs Despard[3], also correspondence
from Mrs Pankhurst
Mrs Pankhurst explained her position
& the following resolution was passed.—
'That the members present express their
confidence in Mrs Pankhurst & the women
working with her; & pledge themselves to
strive to secure Votes for Women by the
methods laid down in the Constitution.'

Page 22

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms.
Oct 1st/07.
Miss Hopson Presiding.
Minutes of last meeting passed
also minutes of special meeting.
Moved & seconded that Mrs Thewlis's
contribution's since Colne Valley by-election
be returned to her.
That Miss Christabel Pankhurst be asked be
speak at a Mass Meeting in November, &
secretary write asking for open dates for
that month, also Mrs Pethick Lawrence.[4]
That Social & Whist Drive be held in
Clarion Club Rooms.
Also that it be held last Wednesday in

Page 23

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms
Oct 8th/07.
Mrs Mellor Presiding.
Minutes of last meeting passed
Correspondence read.
That 1 inch advert be in Boro Advertiser & 2 weeks
in Worker. That price be 6d.
[...?]lls at 7.30. That terms for pianist
be got for next, also terms for violinist.
Resolved that sec. write Miss Pankhurst
asking for other dates, as available halls
are engaged.
That deputation be send to Bradford on
1st Saturday in November, & sec. write
Miss A Pankhurst concerning it.

Page 24

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms
Oct 15th/07
Mrs Lee presiding.
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Correspondence read.
Miss Hopson moved & Mrs Shakeshaft seconded
that the Sec. write Miss Pankhurst asking if the
Union will be responsible for expenses if Mass
Meeting is a financial failure; Also that
Town Hall be booked if in that case.
That sec. order tickets for Social. 100 or 150.
That tickets be got at Boro Advertiser Office & be
ready for Friday night.
That Sec. see about Pianist
That Mrs Shakeshaft enquire price of Hire of Crockery.
See Mrs Kaye & Mrs Hewing

Page 25

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms.
Oct 22nd/07.
Mrs Haigh Presiding.
1.   Minutes of last meeting passed.
2.   Correspondence read.
3.   That Sec. write Miss Pankhurst, asking for
first open dates for Mass Meeting, either on
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
& that
4.   Social. Sec. write Miss Brooke asking her to
1.   Take arrangements for Whist drive,
failing her Miss Brooke.
2.   10 tables for Whist.
3.   Loan of Cards. Mesdames Pogson, Shakeshaft,
Lee, Williams, Key. Clarion[?].
4.   That Sec. get Progressive[?] Whist Cards.
5.   Trays. 2 Mrs Hellawell. 1 Miss Williams.
2 Mrs Shakeshaft. 2 Lee. 1 Mrs Key.
6.   That Mrs Shakeshaft hire cups @ 3°/-

Page 26

7.   That meeting be held next Tuesday.
8.   That Norman Buckley[5] be asked at not more
than 3/6
9.   Prizes. Mrs Pogson. Humbug.
Mrs Lee. Humbug.
Sec. get Mrs Pankhurst's picture framed.

Page 27

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms.
Nov 4th/07.   Mrs Lee presiding.
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Correspondence read & discussed.
Resolved that Mr France Littlewood's[6]
daughters be asked to play Piano & Violin
Duets at Town Hall on Dec 4th.
Resolved that Mrs. P. Lawrence be written
to, asking her to re-consider her decision re
Town Hall meeting, & explain that we
have been disappointed before, and that
paragraphs have been inserted in local papers.
Failing her, Miss Mary Gawthorp.[7]
Write Adela Pankhurst refusing Mrs Chatterton[8] as
That thanks to Miss Lowenthal for cakes.

Page 28

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms.
Miss Hopson presiding. Nov 12th 1907.
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Correspondence read.
Resolved that Mrs Wilson, Mrs Jagger, & Mrs E. A. Beaumont, be asked to ask act
as Chairwoman.
Resolved that Men be asked to act as
Doorkeepers & Stewards.
Moved that Mr John Sugden[9] be asked to
move vote of thanks, & Mr E. A. Beaumont
second it. Failing one of them, B. Riley.
Resolved that we have policemen as required
Ticket selling. Mrs Cookson & Mrs Gledhill. Fartown & Birkby.
Miss Hopson & Miss J[?] Williams. Lockwood Liberal & Conservative Clubs, Berry Brow & Honley.
Miss Higgins & Miss A Williams. Moldgreen & Dalton.
Mrs Hellawell & Mrs Shakeshaft. Golcar.
Mrs Key & Mrs Pogson. Milnsbridge & Longwood & Netherton.
Mrs Brook. Paddock.

Page 29

Enquiries for advertisements. Posters, Sandwich
Men, etc. Large Bills for Windows.
Write Miss Brooke & Mrs Moorhouse.
See Miss Kilburn[?] of Meltham.

Page 30

Meeting held in Clarion Club Rooms.
Nov 19th 1907
Mrs Hellawell presiding.
Minutes of last meeting passed.
Resolved that Mrs Wilson be written to
accepting her offer as chairwoman for
Mass Meeting.
That Mrs Key, Mrs Scott & Mrs Pogson entertain Mrs
A Pankhurst, Miss Gawthorp & Miss Kenny[10].
Resolved that one of the speakers be asked to
speak at a meeting at Clarion Club on Sunday
evening at 8 p.m.
Write Mrs Hellawell, Mrs Brook & Mrs Shakeshaft.
Miss France Littlewood's name to be on the Bills.
Mrs Shakeshaft & Miss Hopson.
Mrs Key & Miss A Williams.

Page 31

Resolved that hand-bills be printed &
window bills for Friday night.

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