Miners Arms, Bradford Road, Fartown

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  • location: Bradford Road, Fartown
  • status: probably does not exist
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The name of the beerhouse might refer to the nearby coal pit shown on 1854 O.S. map. An article from January 1866 reported that it was the venue for "the annual tea meeting of the miners of this locality" and that the landlord was Robert Netherwood.[1]

By 1869, John Totter was the landlord. By the late 1870s, the premises was listed as being in the possession of the executors of Edward Hill, with Ann Darwin as the licencee.

Census Returns

  • 1871 Census — wool sorter James Dawin (aged 54)
  • 1881 Census — widow beer retailer Ann Darwin (aged 60)
  • 1891 Census — publican William H. Riley (aged 44)


The beerhouse is not marked on O.S. maps, but according to a 1865 newspaper article it was situated on "Bradford Road Side, near Fartown Bar". In May 1894, the son of the farmer of Flash House Farm drowned "in a pond situated in a field at the back of Miners' Arms beerhouse", which implies the premises was situated on the east side of Bradford Road.

Notes and References

  1. "Miner's Tea Party" in Huddersfield Chronicle (06/Jan/1866).

Miners Arms, Bradford Road, Fartown


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