Milestone (YW XMELa), junction of Holmfirth Road & Mill Bank Road, Meltham

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  • location: junction of Holmfirth Road and Mill Bank Road, Meltham
  • status: still exists
  • category: roadside feature

According to Huddersfield Highways Down the Ages (1949) by W.B. Crump, the much-worn milestone once read:

Honley 2½ Miles[1]
Penistone 11 Miles
Marsden ? Miles

The Historic England listing notes that the milestone is not in its original location and it is not marked on the 1854 O.S. map when the road followed a different alignment over Thick Hollins Dike. In January 1855, Wilshaw manufacturer Joseph Hirst summoned the local surveyors to complain about the state of the roads in the township, noting that "Thick Hollins' Bridge was in a sad state, the battlements being on one side level with the road, and the fence all down in a most deplorable manner".[2] By June 1855, road surveyor Mallinson Abbey of Lockwood had submitted a report in which he advised moving the bridge and realigning the road[3] and Messrs. J. & W. Pogson were contracted for the work.[4]

It was presumably during the road realignment that the milestone was moved to its present location, where it appears on the 1892 O.S. map.

Historic England Listing

  • Grade II
  • first listed 24 January 1984
  • listing entry number 1134666

MILL BANK ROAD (Meltham). Old milestone at junction with Holmfirth Road. Probably mid C18. Small stone post inscribed on three sides. Marsden To To (?) miles Penistone Honley (1) 1 Miles (2) ½ Miles with pointing gloved hand. Presumably not in situ since the hand to Marsden points in the wrong direction. The stone is very badly worn and the inscriptions are almost indiscernible. The stone is on the old cross-valley route linking the upper reaches of the Colne Valley to the upper reaches of the Don Valley, via the Holme Valley.


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