Michael Dodds (c.1879-1939)

Michael Dodds[1] was a builder's labourer.


On the evening of Saturday 9 September 1939 he had been drinking at the Clothiers Arms Inn, situated on the opposite side of the road to his lodgings at 63 Kirkgate[2], Huddersfield. Due to the recent outbreak of war, the town was under blackout restrictions and motor vehicles used dimmed headlamps. At around 9:55pm, he left the inn and, despite reportedly having "very fair eyesight and good hearing" he was struck by a Huddersfield Corporation motorbus whilst crossing the road. He died two days later at Huddersfield Infirmary.

At the subsequent inquest, innkeeper David Rowan stated that Dodds "could 'stand' his drink" and seemed sober as he left. However, P.C. Frank Woodgate Irving, stated that Dodds "smelt strongly of drink". A verdict of "accidental death" was recorded.[3]

Notes and References

  1. Dodds' age was reported as "about 60" but no other biographical details were given in newspaper reports.
  2. This address was described as the "Men's Lodging House" in the 1939 Register" and was later known as the Huddersfield Corporation Central Hostel.
  3. "Black Out Fatality in Southgate: Inquest on Man Knocked Down by Bus" in Huddersfield Examiner (16/Sep/1939).