School, Nabcroft Lane, Crosland Moor

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  • also known as: Crosland Moor Board School, Crosland Moor Council School
  • location: corner of Barton Road (now Blackmoorfoot Road), Nab Croft Lane & Chapel Terrace, Crosland Moor
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: school
  • architect: Edward Hughes

Built as a Sunday school for Methodist Free United Chapel on Barton Road, it later became Crosland Moor Board School.


The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980) by Brian Clarke:

This school was opened in June 1866 but the headmaster, John F. Boothroyd, was earlier (1860) listed as the schoolmaster so presumably classes had previously been held in the Chapel building. The school was built on a site near to the present day entrance to St. Luke’s Hospital and was designed to accommodate 314 children, however by 1871 only 249 children were registered and the average attendance only 149. In 1872 the school was taken over by the newly formed Huddersfield School Board.

Originally this school was opened in the United Methodist Church in 1860 and it was taken over, with the existing teaching staff, by the School Board on 29th July 1872. Additions to the buildings were made in 1875 (Infant School) and the main building as remembered by older natives of the area, was opened on 23rd April 1877. The school closed in May 1956 upon the opening of the new Junior School on Dryclough Road, although the building was then used as a temporary Roman Catholic School until November 1960.