Meltham Feast (1900s)

The following summaries are compiled from books and contemporary newspaper reports, and help give a flavour of the Meltham Feast.


The "sing" had now become an integral part of the feast and took place in the field behind the Co-operative store with refreshments served at the Odd Fellows' Hall afterwards. Around £45 was raised for Huddersfield Infirmary and the Manchester Eye Institution.

Whilst most local mills closed on Friday evening and reopened Wednesday morning, the Chronicle reported that the employees of Meltham Mills had been given an entire week's leave, so around 200 were holidaying in Blackpool alone. The newspaper also reported that "waggonette and picnic parties have been much in vogue".[1]

Prior to the feast, the Meltham District Council discussed the proposal to standardise the annual holidays in the Huddersfield area to the second week in August. Whilst the Honley Council had given their approval, their counterparts in Holmfirth had rejected the suggestion. The Meltham clerk, William Carter, noted that "the idea was not very popular with Meltham people."[2]


The booklet for the Sunday "sing" is reproduced below.

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