Meltham Feast (1840s)

The following summaries are compiled from books and contemporary newspaper reports, and help give a flavour of the Meltham Feast.


The Leeds Times (11/Sep/1847) reported:

Meltham Feast. — This feast, which commenced on Sunday last, and generally continues till the following Wednesday, has, on former occasions, been the scene of much merriment ; but, the present has exceeded the former ones. The pleasure-seekers and visitors have been very numerous, and there has been no lack of nut-carts, gingerbread vendors, &c. Punch and Judy, and various other amusements, have figured in good style. The lowness of provisions would, no doubt, be a great aid to the feast, and would, perhaps, add an extra pudding to the table, the good things of which, we hope, would be well enjoyed by the inhabitants and visitors. Upon the whole, the feast has been an exceeding good one.