Meltham Cop, Meltham

Meltham Cop, also known as "Cop Hill" and marked as "Dun" (meaning a flat hill) on Jefferys 1771 map, is a millstone grit hill[1] situated about one mile north-west of Meltham. The western plateau is 1,000ft (303m) above sea-level.

The Blackmoorfoot Reservoir Catchwater flows along its southern flank and is overlooked by a public footpath that runs partway up the side of the hill. This route forms part of the Meltham Way. During the excavation of the catchwater, a section of the Upper Meltham Coal seam was exposed.[2]

A local urban myth is that the hill is the soil excavated from constructing Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, however a comparison of the contour lines of the Cop as shown on O.S. maps before and after the construction shows that the Cop remained the same.

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Notes and References

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