McKitrick Brothers

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McKitrick Bros. were mill furnishers, ironmongers, coppersmiths and sheet metal workers, with an office at 64 Buxton Road, Huddersfield.[1]

The business was established by William Henry McKitrick[2] and his younger brother Charles Wood McKitrick[3], who were residing at Spring Gardens off Buxton Road in the 1861 Census with their spinster sister Amelia Eskrick McKitrick[4].

A letter dated 24 June 1939 gave the company's telephone number as Huddersfield 1238/9 and noted the firm's partners as Arthur Matthewman and Thomas W. Shaw. Among their offerings were:[5]

  • bolts and nuts, steam tubes, steam values, steam packings, gauge glases, tools, files, ropes and bands, brushes, etc
  • wheel covers, engine lagging, oiling motions, tin rollers, pattern cases, mud guards, radiators and ventilators

The 1937 Directory names the company as "ironmongers, mill furnishers & fireplace specialists".

A sheet metal business of the same name still operates at Folly Hall, Huddersfield.


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Notes and References

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