Map of Huddersfield (Robert Nixon 1850)

The following map was prepared in 1850 by Irish surveyor Robert Nixon (c.1824-?) and published as "Hardy's Plan and Commercial Directory of the Town of Huddersfield".

Of interest are the proposed grid of streets to the northeast of the Parish Church, not all of which were built or were given the name shown on the map (e.g. Kirk Moor Street became Byram Street, and Byram Street became Lord Street).

Nixon was found guilty in his absence of "making a noise and otherwise disturbing the public peace at an early hour" in September 1851, but failed to appear in court.[1]

The map was reproduced in The Story of Huddersfield (1968) by Roy Brook.


Notes and References

  1. Presumably implying Nixon had been found drunk and disorderly. He was lodging on Trinity Street at the time of the 1851 Census and likely soon moved elsewhere. "Huddersfield Police Court" in Huddersfield Chronicle (04/Oct/1851).