Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser (28/Aug/1847) - Railway Intelligence: Stupendous Viaduct on the Huddersfield and Sheffield Railway

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Stupendous Viaduct on the Huddersfield and Sheffield Railway.

The interesting ceremony of "keying in" the first arch of the stupendous viaduct connected with this line at Lockwood, took place on Friday last, in the presence of a large assemblage of spectators. The scene was much enlivened bv the spirit-stirring strains of Drake's quadrille band. This undertaking may well be denominated "stupendous," as when completed, it will be the largest and highest, as well as the handsomest of its kind in the kingdom. It runs in an oblique direction across the "big valley" from Dungeon Wood to Taylor Hill. Its length will be nearly half-a-mile, and from the bottom of the valley to the level of the rails, the mean height will not be less than the extraordinary altitude of one hundred and thirty-five feet, or forty-five yards. After the ceremony of "keying in," the men employed upon the works were plentifully regaled with beer, &c., at the expense of the contractor, Mr. John Shaw.