Manchester, Huddersfield and Great Grimsby Direct Railway (1845/6)

The Manchester, Huddersfield and Great Grimsby Direct Railway scheme was proposed in 1845 as a line linking Penistone to Glanford Brigg in Lincolshire via Doncaster:[1]

It is proposed to commence this line at Penistone at the junction of the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne, and Manchester, and the Huddersfield and Sheffield railways. From this point it proceeds in a direct line, near Barnsley, and crosses the North Midland railway at Darfield ; from thence in a direct line also to Doncaster, as so onwards through the Isle of Axholme ; terminating in a junction with the Great Grimsby and Sheffield railway, near Glanford Brig. Thus, the project, which embraces a district of forty-six miles in length, connects, with Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire.

The scheme was abandoned on 22 April 1846:[2]

At a public meeting of the shareholders in this company, held at Doncaster, on Wednesday last, it was resolved to abandon the bill. From the state of the money market, the capital locked up in other great undertakings, the new regulations about to be adopted by government, and other circumstances, it was deemed the most prudent and judicious course to refrain, at the present time, from carrying this important project into operation.

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