Lucky (beerhouse), Meltham

The Lucky beerhouse was named a historic licensed premises in The Story of Meltham (1977) by Richard Orton, although the author did not identify the location.

According to one source, the beerhouse was kept by Walter Sykes (1807-1885) — known as "Old Walt", who held the role of town pinder from the 1860s until his death — and was situated in one of the properties at Moor Head off Matthew Lane, Meltham.

The name may have been chosen by Sykes as a reference to Lucky Green (off Wessenden Head Road) where it is believed he was born and grew up.[1]

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Assuming the beerhouse was indeed situated at Moor Head, the approximate location is given below:

Notes and References

  1. According to The Story of Meltham (1977) by Richard Orton, Sykes was living on Luck Lane in 1835, which is the name of the lane which runs off Wessenden Head Road by the properties at Lucky Green.