Loyal "Wellington" Lodge No. 15 of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity)

The Loyal "Wellington" Lodge (No. 15) was a lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity) formed in Huddersfield in 1815 and was linked to the Wellington Inn on Westgate.


The lodge's 37th anniversary dinner was held on 26 July 1852 at the Wellington Inn, with Past Grand (P.G.) James Thompson in the chair.[1]

The 1857 dinner was held at the Wellington Inn with Past Provincial Grand Master (P.P.G.M.) Schofield in the chair, and Past Grand (P.G.) Hinchcliffe as vice-chair.[2]

A brief description of the 45th anniversary dinner, held on 30 July 1860, was included in the Oddfellows' Magazine:

Huddersfield. — The Wellington Lodge held its 45th anniversary on Monday, July 30, at the Wellington Inn ; P.P.G.M. Schofield in the chair, and Br. Garrett in the vice-chair. This Lodge is in a prosperous condition, as proved by the statements then given — the annual balance-sheet showing the funds to be more than £7 per member.

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