Loyal "Friendship" Lodge No. 1207 of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity)

The Loyal "Friendship" Lodge (No. 1207) were a lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity) formed in 1837 at Meltham and which met at the Friendship Inn, Meltham Mills.


The Lodge's 14th anniversary dinner was held at the Friendship Inn on Christmas Day 1851. where around 80 people enjoyed "an excellent repast". An letter from William Leigh Brook was read which apologised for his absence and the assembled drank his health, along with that of his brother Charles. The Chronicle reported that the average age of members was 31 years old, that only £9 had been expended in sickness pay during the year, and that the Lodge's finances had increased by around £70 to £80.[1]

The recent marriages of three of the lodge's members, including cotton manufacturer Thomas Denton Scholes, were celebrated at an evening meal held in April 1856.[2]

Around 110 members attended the 1857 dinner which was held on 19 December in the National School Rooms at Meltham Mills, which had been decorated with banners including "Support the Widow and Orphan". Charles Brook took the chair and the secretary's report noted that the lodge now had 100 members and funds of around £700.[3]

The 1858 dinner took place on 17 December "in a large room connected with the works of Messrs. Jonas Brook and Brother, Meltham Mills" and was presided over by J.W. Carlile. Around 100 members enjoyed a meal provided by James Johnson of the Friendship Inn. The annual report stated that the lodge had 102 members and a total of nearly £730.[4]

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