Lower Linthwaite (hamlet)

Lower Linthwaite was one of the three historic hamlets within the Township of Linthwaite, the others being Middle Linthwaite and Upper Linthwaite. The hamlet was part of the Manor of Wakefield, whereas the other two hamlets in the township were part of the Honour of Pontefract.

Situated within the hamlet were the habitations of Milnsbridge and Smith Riding, along with St. Luke's Church.

In April 1865, a meeting was held at Milnsbridge National schoolrooms to "consider the desirability of separating [Lower Linthwaite] from the Linthwaite Local Board". Those in favour argued that their hamlet had prospered in recent years and now had a much higher rateable value — £5,369 compared to £1,312 (Lower Linthwaite) and £3,575 (Middle Linthwaite) — but they only had three members on the Local Board compared to six each from the other hamlets. The proposal for a separation petition to be prepared and forwarded to the Secretary of State was carried nearly unanimously.[1] An ill-tempered meeting of Linthwaite Local Board was quickly held to discuss the matter, with members reportedly challenging each other to a fight.[2]

Under the terms of the Local Government Act, a poll of rate payers was held in May 1865 regarding the separation. 344 voted in favour, compared to 61 against".[3] Although progress was made on preparing a Provisional Order to go before Parliament, objections from the other two hamlets meant that the plan ultimately failed.[4]

The hamlet became part of the Parliamentary Borough of Huddersfield under the terms of the Boundary Act 1868.


The three hamlets are shown below, along with the adjoining townships.

Hamlets in Linthwaite (c.1850) v2.svg

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