Lower Hall Mill, South Crosland

Lower Hall Mill was a small mill near Netherton Bank Bottom, situated on the South Crosland side of Mag Brook, and was linked to Lower Hall Farm.

What little remains of the building now lays in ruins.


The mill was owned by John Beaumont in the 1790s and he sought a court order to force the owner of Cocking Steps Mill to lower a weir that was detrimentally affecting the flow of water at Lower Hall Mill.

By the 1860s, John Brooke was resident at the mill.

Huddersfield Chronicle 28 Dec 1872 - Edwin Beaumont's Liquidation.png

In January 1873, Lower Hall Farm was sold as part of the liquidation of Edwin Beaumont's assets. Described as comprising 24 acres, the auction notice also mentioned "buildings with two water-wheels, which, with the large supply of water and storage reservoirs, render it a desirable place for a small manufacturer, paper-maker, dyer, or brewer, or any other business in which a large supply of water is necessary."[1]

It seems likely the mill had been abandoned by the late 1800s and presumably was left to fall into disrepair.[2]

Census Returns


  • listed as unoccupied but linked to farmer William Beaumont (aged 60)


  • woollen cloth finisher William Hellenwell (widower aged 38), farm labourer Job Roberts (35) and chimney climber Walter Farrington (28)

Further Reading


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Notes and References

  1. "Sales by Private Contact" in Leeds Mercury (04/Jan/1873).
  2. The mill is named on the 1894 map, but not on the 1908 map. The 1965 map appears to show three of the outer walls of the mill still standing. In 2015, a large amount of stone remains along with what appear to have been roof timbers.