Longwood Liberal Club

Longwood Liberal Club was a political club formed in 1875.

The inaugural meeting was held on 21 November 1876 with William Shaw of Gilead Cottage as the president of the club. The Liberal Member of Parliament for Huddersfield, E.A. Leatham, attended the meeting.[1]

A fire in the club rooms in November 1882 caused around £120 of damage.[2] A few weeks later, a fire at Prospect Mills, which adjoined the club, was contained to just the mill before it could spread.[3]

The club rooms were renovated in 1885 and reopened on Saturday 3 October 1885 by E.A. Leatham.

In April 1892, another fire at the adjoining mills caused around £20,000 worth of damage and destroyed the mill. An hour after the alarm was raised, the gable end wall of the mill collapsed and completely destroyed the evacuated club.[4]

The cornerstones of a new club building were laid on Saturday 6 August 1892 by Mrs. J. Whiteley Shaw and Mrs. Abel Buckley. The site chosen was close to the old premises and was designed by architect S.M. Balmford. The builders were Messrs. H. Firth & Co.[5]

The club had possibly ceased to meet by the 1940s. In April 1944, Prospect Mills was once again destroyed by a fire. The Yorkshire Post reported that the club building, which was also destroyed, was being used for storage.[6]


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