Lockwood Toll House, Lockwood

The Lockwood Toll House was a former toll collection point on the Huddersfield and Woodhead Turnpike road, and later the Lockwood and Meltham Turnpike road.

Although not marked on O.S. maps, Brian Clarke gave the following description in his book The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980):

The first ‘break-through’ for a modern road system came in the early 1700’s with the Turnpike Acts. Briefly, these allowed for a Trust to undertake the remaking and the keeping in good order of a road and in return, the Trusts were empowered to charge (Toll) people for using the road, hence the Bars on our roads (Lockwood Bar, Fartown Bar, etc.) being places where a barrier was set across the road and where payment for the next section was taken. In the case of Lockwood Bar, a toll house stood, projecting into the road in front of where lately was Mr. France’s barber shop with another toll house in the middle of the present entrance to Swan Lane, with the barrier between the two buildings. Around 1820 these were replaced by a Toll House at the corner of Meltham Road and Swan Lane, the building today being occupied by a dry cleaning concern, ‘Tip Top Cleaners’.


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The location of the latter toll house is given below:

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