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Lockwood Local Board was the local authority body primarily responsible for issues relating to public health in the township of Lockwood and was formed on 5 February 1863 with an initial membership of twelve persons.

Typically elected by local rate payers and property owners, Local Boards were formed following the Public Health Act 1848 and the subsequent Local Government Act 1858, and had responsibility for the oversight of sewers, water supplies, public toilets, street cleaning, slaughterhouses, pavements, and burial grounds within their district.

Meetings were held as early as November 1859 to discuss ways in which an improved water supply could be obtained for the township and one of the options raised was to create a local board under the terms of the Local Government Act 1858.[1] However, it would be a further three years before a local board was formed.

The first elections for the local board took place on Wednesday 3 June 1863, with the following results:[2]

Successful Candidates Unsuccessful Candidates
Name Votes Names Votes
William Burman (timber merchant) of Chapel Hill 1075 John William Taylor (woollen cloth manufacturer) of Moorfield House 583
William Whiteley (machine maker) of Park Cottage 940 Edward Greenwood (engineer) of Priest Royd, Huddersfield 580
Arthur Crowther (woollen cloth manufacturer) of Lockwood 901 Thomas Haigh (cashier) of View Place 547
Joseph Crosland (woollen cloth manufacturer) of Crosland Lodge 885 John Eastwood (architect) of Queen Street, Huddersfield 542
John Robinson Machan (gentleman) of Mount Pleasant 860 Joseph Shires (ironfounder) of Folly Hall 447
Josiah Berry (woollen cloth manufacturer) of Albert House 836 Uriah Hardy (butcher) of Lockwood 348
Joseph Thornton (woollen cloth manufacturer) of Paddock 811
Richard Roberts (woollen cloth manufacturer) of North House 744
John Ashton (innkeeper) of Yew Green 711
William Shaw (farmer) of Crosland Moor 690
John Shaw (woollen cloth manufacturer) of Croft House 685
Joseph Hopkinson Snr (engineer) of Spring Place, Rashcliffe 639

The first meeting took place on Monday 8 June 1863 with Joseph Crosland as the chairman. At a special meeting held on Monday 22 June at the Red Lion Inn, Joe Webb Tempest[3] was appointed the clerk to the local board.[4]

The final meeting of Lockwood Local Board took place on Monday 31 August 1868.[5]

The Lockwood Local Board District was abolished on 7 September 1868 when the township became an individual ward within the new Municipal Borough of Huddersfield.

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Lockwood Local Board District

The extent of the local board district is given below and included two detached areas of the Township of South Crosland (shaded red).

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