Lockwood National School, Salford, Lockwood

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  • also known as: Emmanuel Schools (1890 map), Lockwood Voluntary School (1960 map)
  • location: off Woodhead Road, Lockwood
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: school for infants, boys & girls linked to Emmanuel Church, Lockwood


The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980) by Brian Clarke:

The land for this school in Woodhead Road was purchased from Sir John W. Ramsden for £213.5s.0d. and this sum, plus the cost of building came to £1,130, of which some £500 was raised locally. The school opened in 1853 and by the standards of the time it was a large school, having accommodation for 550 scholars. In fact it was in its use as a Sunday School that it enrolled its largest number, in 1899 there being 526 scholars plus 57 teachers. As a Day School its population was generally somewhat less, in 1871 there were 364 children on the register with an average attendance of 260 and in 1876 447 on the register and 292 average attendance. As was common with most church schools the building was used for many other activities, such as the Sunday School already mentioned, also the Taylor Hill Working Men’s Mutual Improvement Association held their meetings there from their formation on the 3rd September 1866 and, from March 1868 it became the Drill Hall for the Lockwood Troop of Volunteers. The Yorkshire Penny Bank operated a weekly branch there and in addition there was a News Room and a Library available to the local population. In fact the school was also the ‘village hall’ to the Salford part of Lockwood.

The school building consisted of two wings, each of which could be divided by folding doors, connected by the hall, which also could be divided. A small classroom was later built behind the hall, therefore in theory seven separate classes could be held and indeed were during the Second World War when there was a large influx of refugees from the south. However, for most of its history only three qualified teachers were employed, covering Infants, Junior and Senior Sections.

The school continued in existence until 1959 and the church continued to use the building until 1962 but due to ever-increasing overheads the building was then rented to a carpet cleaning concern.


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