Lingards Reservoir

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  • also known as: Deer Hill Reservoir (1854 map)
  • location: 2 miles northwest of Meltham in the former district of Lingards
  • status: incorporated into larger reservoir
  • category: reservoir

The first reservoir to be built on the site covered an area of around 3½ acres and was constructed by local mill owners on land owned by Lord Dartmouth.[1] Usually known as Lingards Reservoir and sometimes as Deer Hill Reservoir, this is the reservoir marked on the first O.S map which was surveyed circa 1849. The map appears to show the reservoir draining into Bradley Brook which flows down through Holt Head towards Slaithwaite.

In 1835, notice was posted of plans to repair the reservoir and to construct a new one nearby, although seemingly these plans came to nothing:[2]

And also for repairing, improving, and enlarging the Reservoir called Lingard's Reservoir, situate on the Commons or Waste Lands in Lingards, in the said Parish of Almondbury. And for making a new Reservoir on the Commons or Moors of and situate in Lingards aforesaid, near to the said Reservoir there. And also to make one or more Cut or Drain, Cuts or Drains, from the said intended last-mentioned Reservoirs in Lingards, through, over, and upon the Commons, Moors, and Waste Grounds in Lingards and Marsden aforesaid, to communicate with a Brook or Stream or Water, which flows to a certain Dyehouse in Marsden aforesaid, occupied by James Robinson, and thence into the River Colne, in Marsden aforesaid.

By the 1860s, the old reservoir had fallen out of use.[3]

Under the terms of Huddersfield Water Act of 1869, the first sod of the new Deer Hill Reservoir was cut in August 1870, and this incorporated the existing reservoir. Work was completed by 1875 and it was filled to capacity in September of that year.


The footprint of the Lingards Reservoir is shown below.

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