Lindley Moor Recreation Ground

In early 1914, Huddersfield acquired an area of uninhabited land comprising two fields which lay outside the county borough boundary to be used as a recreation park.

Wool merchant Thomas Henry Moore (1857-1939) of Thornhill Road, Lindley, provided £500, with the donation being reported at the May 1914 town council meeting:[1]

The Town Clerk read a letter dated 8th May, 1914, from Mr. T.H. Moore offering to give the Corporation £500, to be used towards reimbursing them for the purchase money of the Lindley Moor recreation ground on the following conditions:— (a) That the moorland remains an open space for ever, and that no buildings be erected thereon except such as are incidental to a recreation ground; (b) that the underlying minerals shall never be worked. It was resolved (1) that the offer be accepted, and that the hearty thanks of the Corporation be tendered to Mr. Moore for bis generous gift; (2) that the Town Clerk take the necessary steps for carrying the arrangement into effect.

The borough boundary was subsequently altered to include the land.


Notes and References

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