Lindley Mechanics' Institute Naturalists' Society

The Lindley Mechanics' Institute Naturalists' Society was formed in 1895 by members of the Mechanics' Institute, with Seth Lister Mosley as the president. The separate Lindley Naturalists' Society was formed prior to 1890.

The newspaper report of Mosley's first address suggests that this society was formed specifically because the earlier society usual held its meetings in public houses:[1]

In opening the meeting he remarked that the society had been established under most favourable conditions, and that he had always held that the study of nature should be associated with education, and the meetings held at places where they could invite young people and ladies to join them. [...] Those who preferred to meet at public houses he wished them well, and had done and would do all he could to help them except go to their meetings.

The society held its first ramble in May 1895 when 15 members walked to Shaw Wood, Longwood, where they gathered samples of around 60 different plants.

In April 1898, members of the society held a ramble to Park Wood, Elland.[2]

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