Legendary Yorkshire (1892) by Frederick Ross

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Legendary Yorkshire

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  • The Enchanted Cave (page 1)
  • The Doomed City (page 15)
  • The "Worm" of Nunnington (page 34)
  • The Devil's Arrows (page 51)
  • The Giant Road-Maker of Mulgrave (page 70)
  • The Virgin's Head of Halifax (page 80)
  • The Dead Arm of St. Oswald the Kino (page 100)
  • The Translation of St. Hilda (page 117)
  • A Miracle of St. John (page 131)
  • The Beatified Sisters of Beverley (page 147)
  • The Dragon of Wantley (page 168)
  • The Miracles and Ghost of Watton (page 176)
  • The Murdered Hermit of Eskdale (page 195)
  • The Calverlky Ghost (page 214)
  • The Bewitched House of Wakefield (page 231)

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Legendary Yorkshire (1892) by Frederick Ross


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