Leeds Times (09/Jan/1847) - Netherton Mechanics' Institute

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Netherton Mechanics' Institute.

This institution was opened on the 26th ultimo, when it was honoured by a most numerous tea party. It occupies a spacious and commodious room in the possession of J.B. Wrigley, Esq., who has generously offered it for the period of six months, without any demands as to rent, and who is also one of the most liberal subscribers to the institution. The room was beautifully decorated with taste and neatness. After tea, two platforms were erected, one for the gentlemen who had promised to address the meeting ; and the other for a band of musicians who had voluntarily offered their services to enliven the assembly. The chair was occupied by the Rev. G. Hough, and very able and appropriate speeches were delivered by the Rev. Mr. Benstead, curate of Honley ; Mr. W. Willans, Mr. J. Robinson, Mr. W. Wrigley, Mr. J. Wrigley, and Mr. Smith, the schoolmaster, of Netherton, all of whom were highly applauded. At the conclusion, which was at an early hour, J.B. Wrigley, Esq., proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman, and also to the gentlemen who had so very ably addressed the meeting. Before the assembly separated, Miss Oldfield was prevailed upon to sing a portion of the "National Anthem," accompanied by the band, and assisted in the third verse by Mr. J. Oldfield, the bass singer. Great praise is due to the ladies who conducted and presided over the tea party, for their able management throughout the whole entertainment.