Leeds Times (09/Jan/1841) - Huddersfield

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Incorporation of Huddersfield. — On Monday week, a deputation from the committee, for obtaining a charter of incorporation for this borough, consisting of F. Schwann, B. Robinson, J. Mooney, and W. Clough, Esqrs., waited upon W.R.C. Stansfield. Esq., M.P., for Huddersfield, at his seat at Esholt Hall. The interview was long and highly satisfactory, and after partaking of the honourable member's hospitality, the deputation returned highly gratified with having satisfactorily accomplished the object of their mission. The petition, which has received the signatures of nearly 3000 householders, will finally close this evening, and will be transmitted early next week for presentation to her Majesty.

The Late Fire. — On Saturday last, an inquest was held at the Fox and Grapes Inn, Northgate, before G. Dyson, Esq., coroner, upon the bodies of Mr. T. Bairstow, his wife, and child, who met with their deaths in consequence of the gable end of the factory, which was burned on Christmas day, falling upon the house while they were in bed, early on Thursday morning. Verdict — Accidental death.

A Queer Parson. — On Sunday evening, Mr. Edward Brook, a popular preacher among the Wesleyans, preached a sermon at Mold Green, in behalf of the Sunday school at that place, and — O, ye sincere followers of the meek and lowly Jesus, if ye have tears prepare to shed them now — expressed himself in the following excellent manner, "Most of the prevailing crimes of society are attributable to the filthy and beastly publications issued by the dammed Socialists, but praised be God, this infidel system is fast declining; they have built many places, which they call 'Halls of Science,' — Hall of Science, indeed! — I call them halls of devils! but which they will not be able to keep. The other day, they were obliged to sell one of these halls of devils, at Rochdale, to the Independents for a chapel, (glory to God), and it will not be long before that at Huddersfield will have to be sold, I know they are at the last gasp, and whenever it is sold, by God I will have a bid at it, if it be full of devils!"

Chartists Meeting — Yesterday week, a Chartist meeting took place in the Guildhall, Huddersfield, for the purpose of petitioning her Majesty for the liberation of Frost, Williams, and Jones. We are sorry to say that the language of some of the speakers was eminently calculated to defeat that object. The meeting was not very numerously attended, and unfortunately it suicidally approved of one of the speakers departing from the object of the meeting to denounce the Anti-Corn Law League.

Meeting of the Rate-Payers — On Thursday last, a meeting of the rate-payers of the township of Huddersfield, was held at the Pack Horse Inn, for the purpose of examining the claim made by Mr. George Crowther, for surveying and valuing the township. Mr. Samuel Makin, the head constable, in the chair. Mr. Crowther's bill (which had been previously examined by the valuation committee), was then read, amounting to £548, when Mr. Laycock read over the resolution of the committee recommending the same to be paid. The survey of the township was completed in December, 1838, and according to the agreement £300 was then due to Mr. C., the valuation was completed in June, 1839, when the further sum of £248, became due, none of which had been paid, and Mr. C. left it to the meeting whether they ought not to allow him interest on the same, which would amount to £57 7s. 6d. After a short explanation the meeting unanimously resolved to recommend to the board of guardians to allow the whole with interest, which would amount to £605 7s. 6d. It was also resolved that the books containing the valuation should be placed in a tin safety-box, and lodged with the assistant overseer, Mr. Taylor; also, that the plan should be properly framed and mounted, and hung up in the guardian room.