Leeds Times (07/Jan/1843) - Huddersfield: Mental Improvement Society

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Mental Improvement Society.

The annual meeting of the Huddersfield Young Men's Mental Improvement Society took place on Saturday evening, 30th December, at the British School, F. Schwann, Esq., President, in the chair. The Secretary's report shewed that a considerable increase had taken place in the number of members which now amounted to 140, and that the various classes had been attended with much zeal and regularity. In addition to the purchase of books, the library had been increased by some valuable presents from the ministers and gentlemen in the neighbourhood. In the course of the evening, several of the classes were examined, and afforded much gratification to the visitors on the occasion, and a donation of five pounds was offered by the president to be given in rewards annually to those who may attain most proficiency in the various studies. It is to be hoped, that the utility of this excellent institution will induce many other young persons, whose early education has been neglected, to avail themselves of the numerous advantages it holds out to them. The management of the classes are entirely in the hands of a committee of the members, chiefly composed of clerks, mechanics, shopmen, warehousemen, &c., who, after their daily occupations, devote the evening hours to mental improvement. The branches of instruction are grammar, writing, arithmetic, geography, French, drawing, and vocal music, and the charges are very moderate.