Leeds Mercury (29/Sep/1838) - Public Notices: Holme Reservoirs

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TO BE LET, together or in Lots, at the House of Mr. Moorhouse, the White Hart Inn, in Holmfirth, in the County of York, on Friday, the 26th Day of October next, at the Hour of Two o’Clock in the Afternoon, the FORMING and COMPLETING of THREE RESERVOIRS, viz:—

One at Boshaw Whams, in the Township of Cartworth, in the Parish of Kirkburton, in the said county, the Embankment of which will be in the highest part above 50 Feet.

A Second at Holme Styes Mill, in the several Townships of Cartworth and Wooldale, in the Parish of Kirkburton aforesaid, the Embankment of which will be about 84 Feet at the highest Point.

And a Third, at or near to Bilberry Mill, in the Township of Austonley, in the Parish of Almondbury, in the said County, the Embankment of which will, in the highest Part, be nearly 100 Feet.

Together with all the MASONRY in the necessary Culverts, Waste Wears, Waste Pits, and Conduits connected with the Reservoirs.

Mr. John Hinchcliffe, of Upper House, will, on Application, show the Site of the Reservoir at Boshaw Whams ; Mr. Littlewood, of Damhouse, near Holmfirth, will show the Site of the Holme Styes Mill Reservoir ; and Mr. John Whiteley, of Green Owlers, in Austonley aforesaid, will show the Site of the Bilberry Mill Reservoir.

Plans and Specifications may be seen, and further Information had, at the Office of Messrs. LEATHER & SON, Civil Engineers, Leeds ; also at the Office of Mr. GEORGE CROWTHER, Land Surveyor, Huddersfield ; and at the Residence of the said Mr. Littlewood, of Damhouse, aforesaid, from and after the 29th Day of September instant.

Security will be required for the due Performance of the Contracts.

The Commissioners reserve the Right to accept such Tender or Tenders as may appear to them most eligible, whether the lowest or not. No Allowances will be made for Tenders.

By Order,
Clerk to the said Commissioners.

Holmfirth, 20th September, 1838.