Leeds Mercury (24/Oct/1903) - The Old Clough House, Huddersfield

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

The Old Clough House, Huddersfield

The "Old Clough House," Huddersfield, was pulled down a few years ago, and on its site now stands a row of villas. It is difficult to form a correct idea of the date when Clough House was built. Over the door was a tablet, upon which was engraved the date 1697 ; but records prove that the house was in, existence many years prior to that time. When the house was demolished, the tablet just referred to, and other portions of the building, were placed in Norman Park, and are there at the present time. The house was covered with creepers, and surrounded by a brick wall of a rich brown colour, very different to the bricks now in use. The garden in summer time was a perfect fairyland. All kinds co sweet smelling and old-fashioned flowers grew in profusion. In addition, there were yew, walnut, and almond trees, an old vine, and a large mulberry tree, said to be over one hundred years old. I well remember nearly twenty years ago going to Clough House, and obtaining permission from Mr. John Scholes, who, with his family, resided there for many years — in fact, were the last people to occupy it — to take some mulberry leaves out of the garden to feed my silkworms. The old sundial was fixed in 1805. The bells and pinnacles originally formed part of the old Parish Church at Huddersfield, but were removed to Clough House when the church was restored. It is a regrettable fact that interesting old places like this seem to be gradually disappearing.

P. H. Lee, Huddersfield.