Leeds Intelligencer (27/Oct/1794) - To Be Let

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Pleaſantly and conveniently ſituated near the Cloth Hall, Huddersfield.

A NUMBER of SHOPS and WAREHOUSES, ſuitable for Merchants to take in their Cloth at, and Woolſtaplers ; alſo a moſt elegant Situation for a Wine or Brandy Merchant, built for that Purpoſe, with a commodious Cellar ſixty Feet by eighteen Feet, and a Well of remarkably fine Water in it, never dry. — The Premiſes are newly built.

For further Particulars apply to Mr. John Tavernor, the White-Hart Inn, Huddersfield, the Owner hereof ; who has ltely laid in a Quantuty of the choiceſt Foreign WINES and SPIRITS ; alſo has every Accommodation to entertain Gentlemen, Travellers and Others, who are pleaſed to favor him, paying every Attention in order to make his Houſe agreebale.

He returns his ſincere Thanks to his preſent Cuſtomers for their pasſ Favors, and hopes to merit their Continuance.

Huddersfield, October 15th, 1794.

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