Leeds Intelligencer (01/Oct/1821)

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On Friday week, owing to the increased pressure of the waters from the quantity of rain which had fallen, the reservoir, above Black Sike Mill, Holmfirth, broke, and a prodigious volume of water ran down the valley, with rapid course and overwhelming violence. The persons in the mill and houses adjoining just escaped with their lives ; but all their property was carried away by the devastating stream. The alarm was given by these unfortunate sufferers to the workmen in a dye-house at Burnlee, who instantly left the works, and the middle of the dye-house was almost immediately borne down by the inundation, the two ends being left standing. The account books, dying wares, wool, &c. were ultimately saved. The water filled the cellars of many houses in Holmfirth ; the low grounds were covered to a considerable extent, and the bridges washed away. The flood commenced at six, was at its height at seven ; and subsided at ten. No lives were lost ; but the scene of devastation which the morning presented was truly awful.