Lascelles Hall Mechanics' Institute

The Lascelles Hall Mechanics' Institute was in existence by 1856[1] and was likely formed in 1855.[2]

An annual soirée was held in February 1859 at the National School, Kirkheaton, with between 400 to 500 people in attendance. According to the Leeds Times:[3]

About 400 persons partook of tea. Afterwards the public meeting was presided over by John Haigh, Esq. The annual report showed the institution to be in a most flourishing condition, the news room and classes were well attended, the books in the library well read, and after paying all expenses there was a balance of £5 in hand.

The institute was admitted to the Yorkshire Union of Mechanics' Institutions in 1859, along with Longwood Mechanics' Institute.[4]

The institute was still in existence in November 1879.[5]

According to the Kirklees Curiosities web site, the institute's hall and reading room later became a working men's club.[6]

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