L.B. Holliday and Co., Limited

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L.B. Holliday & Co. Ltd. was a dye manufacturing company established by Lionel Brook Holliday at a 30-acre site in Deighton in 1916, using money received from the takeover of Read Holliday & Sons Ltd. to form British Dyes Ltd. by the British Government during the First World War.

According to some sources, Holliday was able to recruit a sizeable number of employees from his former company (which had been established by his grandfather Read Holliday), causing friction between his new company and the neighbouring British Dyes Ltd.[1]

By the end of the war, the company was producing around 50 tons of dye a month and, by 1920, had expanded into Canada. By the late 1950s, the workforce had grown to around 850 employees at the Deighton site and it had become the world's largest privately-owned dye manufacturer by the 1970s.[1]

The company was sold in 1982 and became Holliday Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. A further sale in 1987 saw the company become Holliday Chemical Holdings which was then acquired by Yule Catto & Co. Ltd. in 1998.

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L.B. Holliday and Co., Limited


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