Kirkheaton Urban District

The Kirkheaton Urban District was formed at the end of 1894, replacing the Kirkheaton Local Board.

The district was administered by Kirkheaton Urban District Council which initially comprised nine councillors. The elected urban districts councils replaced Local Boards following the Local Government Act of 1894 and were given increased powers and responsibilities under the Act.

The nominations for the first district council were recorded as follows (those marked * were members of the Local Board):[1]

The nominees who were duly elected are highlighted in bold text. Cyrus Leeves and Timothy B. Lockwood had initially tied for the ninth position but the need to run a costly second election was averted when John William Cocking, who had been elected, graciously chose to resign in order to allow both men to be automatically elected.[2]

The first meeting of the Kirkheaton Urban District Council took place on Wednesday 2 January 1895. Dyson Smith was appointed as chairman.[3]

Under the Representation of the People Act of 1918, the urban district became part of the Spen Valley Parliamentary Division.[4]

Kirkheaton Urban District was abolished on 1 April 1938 and the area divided as follows (population figures are from the 1931 Census):


The extent of the urban district is show below (based on the 1906 O.S. map):

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