Kirkburton and District Paxton Society

The Kirkburton and District Paxton Society[1] was a horticultural society which existed as early as 1894, and possibly a successor to the Huddersfield Paxton Society.

Their annual meeting of 1 December 1894, which took place at the Grapes Inn, Kirkburton, was reported in the Huddersfield Chronicle. A lecture was given on the topic of "Roses and Melons" by Mr. G. Blood, gardener to Mr. Dyson of Hartley Cottage, and there was "a good attendance". Mr. T. Wilson occupied the chair, Mr. H. Wainwright was the treasurer and Mr. E. Knowles was the honorary secretary.[2]

The next meeting to be reported by the Chronicle took place on 16 February 1895 at the Rose and Crown Inn, Kirkburton. Once again, Mr. G. Blood gave a lecture on the topic of "Grape vines". The chair was Mr. Williamson.[3]

The 16 March 1895 meeting took place at the Royal Hotel with Mr. Knowles giving "a most interesting lecture" on the topic of "Fruit trees. Mr. G. Blood occupied the chair.[4]

Three weeks later, a meeting took place at the White Swan Inn, Kirkburton, with Mr. J. Clarke, gardener to Mr. J.A. Brooke of Fenay Hall, giving a lecture on "Fruit Trees in Pots."[5]

The society's first annual meeting took place on 20 July 1895 at the George Inn. There were "13 exhibitors and a splendid quality of roses were shown."[6]

The 22 August 1896 meeting took place at the Spring Grove Hotel, where gardener Mr. Sinclair of Newsome spoke on the topic of the propagation of evergreens and other shrubs. Mr. Emmett presided.[7]

The next meeting took place on Saturday 21 November, again at the Spring Grove Hotel, with Mr. D.J. Purchase in the chair. Mr. J. Clarke spoke on the topic of "Cyclamen".[8]

The final lecture of the year, and apparently the last to ever be reported in the Chronicle, took place on Saturday 5 December in the classroom of the local Grammar School with Mr. F. Jackson occupying the chair. The Rev. R. Collins gave a lecture on "The Plants of Ceylon".[9]

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