Kirkburton Mechanics' Institute

The Kirkburton Mechanics' Institute was established in 1846.

The first meeting was held on Wednesday 18 November 1846, with the institute's president, the Rev. R. Collins, delivering the lecture. The Leeds Times reported that institute had between 40 to 50 members and subscribers, 38 of whom attended the classes twice a week in "grammar, reading, writing, arithmetic, and dictation".[1]

In the summer of 1853, the Tract Society provided 157 volumes for the institute's library, bringing the total number of volumes up to 534.[2]

A public news room was established by November 1854, which could be used on payment of 6d. every three months.[3]

In January 1856, the Huddersfield Chronicle lamented that the institute's committee had not "furnished the members with a single lecture" during the previous year and the classes were reportedly sparsely attended.[4]

At the 11th anniversary soiree was held in February 1857 where it was reported that the library had expanded to 637 volumes and they had 108 members:[5]

  • 2 life members
  • 13 annual subscribers
  • 9 reading members
  • 72 attending classes
  • 12 attending singing class

At the meeting held on 26 February 1858, it was reported that the institute had £5 1s. 5d. "in the hands of the treasurer".[6]

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