Kill That Fly! (1914)

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  • also known as: Winky and the Flies[1]
  • length: 460 feet[2]
  • released: 18 June 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



Winky's mishaps in trying to swat a fly.


The Bioscope (07/May/1914):

This, the second Winky comic to appear, is perhaps even better than the first, albeit its humour is of a rather broader nature. It is an amusing trifle cleverly thought out, cleverly produced, and cleverly acted, with many novel touches. Avowedly a work of the "knockabout" order, it contains no particular plot, but relies mainly upon its numerous humorously conceived situations and the excellent fooling of Winky for success. Its fun is straightforward and lusty, and it quite makes up in force what it may lack in subtlety. A firm which can produce so workmanlike a picture in its second effort must be watched with interest, for it should be capable of still bigger things in the future when handling more ambitious subjects. (Bamforth film. Yorkshire Sales Agency. Released June 18th.)

Kinematograph Weekly (14/May/1914):

A comic subject in which Winky sets out to wage war on the familiar household pest, the fly. Needless to say his efforts are far from being appreciated. Released June 18th, length 460 ft.


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Notes and References

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