Kenneth Findlater Campbell (1855-1939)

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Kenneth Findlater Campbell was a civil engineer who was the Borough Surveyor for Huddersfield Corporation from 1897 to 1921.


He was probably born on 27 July 1855[1] in Durness, Scotland, the son of shoemaker John Campbell and his wife Hughina (née Morrison).

He was the Borough Engineer of Stockton-on-Tees from 1886 to 1897.

He married Margaret Hutcheson White, daughter of D. White of Abbey Craig Park near Stirling, on 19 June 1894 at the Windsor Hotel, Glasgow.[2] The couple did not have any children.

He was appointed the Borough Engineer for Huddersfield Corporation in November 1897, succeeding Richard Swarbrick Dugdale who had resigned after being declared bankrupt. His initial salary was £500 per annum but this was increased to £600 in May 1899 (to match his predecessors salary) and then to £700 by 1902.[3]

He oversaw the electrification of the Huddersfield Corporation Tramways from 1899 ownwards, including the installation of a 1,300 horse power engine at the power station at Longroyd Bridge.[4]

In 1903 he declined an offer to become the Borough Surveyor of Belfast on a salary of £800.

He resigned from the post of Huddersfield's Borough Engineer in April 1921.

Margaret Hutcheson Campbell died on 8 September 1938 at Beckenham, Kent.

Kenneth Findlater Campbell died on 24 June 1939 at Beckenham, Kent, leaving an estate valued at £5,880.

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