Junction Inn, Harden

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  • also known as: Junction House (private residence)
  • location: Dunford Road (junction with Bare Bones Road), Harden
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

Although situated within the boundary of the Township of Wooldale, the 1850s O.S. maps shows that the inn was once in a detached portion of the Township of Cartworth. Following the creation of New Mill Urban District at the end of 1895, the inn was within Scholes parish in the New Mill Urban District. Subsequent boundary changes in 1938 led to it being within Penistone Rural District.

The premises (described as a "tavern" in one newspaper article) was in existence by the 1840s and may to have been linked to the nearby toll collection point on the Dunford District Turnpike. Until 1867, it was owned by the Hirst family.

The premises was struck by lightning in August 1849 during a "terrific thunder storm".[1]

A female "Druidesses' Lodge" of the Ancient Order of Druids' Lodges (linked to Lodge No. 4 of Holmfirth) was initiated at the inn with 17 members in October 1852.[2]

The inn and its adjoining three cottages were sold at auction in July 1867.[3]

On 9 March 1926, local magistrates referred the inn to the Compensation Authority for closure.[4] The referral was upheld on on 7 June and the inn was officially closed on 24 December 1926. Compensation of £521 was awarded.

Landlords and Licensees

  • George Hirst (by the early 1850s)
  • William Booth (licence suspended at Brewster Sessions of 1865)
  • George Lindley (by the late 1870s)
  • George Cartwright (2 January 1883)
  • John Mellor (23 November 1886)
  • Wilson Sykes (2 February 1892)
  • Jesse Green (25 January 1898)
  • Fred Priestley (8 November 1898)
  • Sam Hoyle (12 September 1899)
  • Humphrey Dalton (temporary transfer in October 1900)[5]
  • Josiah Siswick (22 January 1901)
  • Samuel Rusby (8 December 1903)
  • Joe Longley (6 December 1910 until closure in 1926)


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