Jubilee History of the Corporation of Huddersfield (1918) - Preface

This transcription has been made available in partnership with the Huddersfield Local History Society to mark the 150th anniversary of the Incorporation of Huddersfield as a Municipal Borough. For details of events and research resources relating to Huddersfield 150, please see the society's web site.

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The following is a transcription of a historic book and may contain occasional small errors.

Table of Contents for Jubilee History of the Corporation of Huddersfield: 1868 to 1918 (1918) by Owen Balmforth:


The Jubilee of the Incorporation of the County Borough of Huddersfield is the reason for issuing this volume. I venture to say that there are few towns which can show such remarkable municipal progress in the first fifty years of their existence. In some ways this progress has been unique, as Huddersfield was one of the first (if not the first) towns to municipally own its Tramway System, its Workmen's Dwellings, and its Model Lodging House. It has also municipalised practically every department of communal service, including Water Supply and Gas Supply. I have no hesitation in saying that every inhabitant of the town, and especially the past and present members of the Town Council, have every reason to be proud of the work accomplished as set forth in the following pages. When I was honoured by the invitation of the Council to compile this book, my first impulse was to decline, in consequence not only of the pressure of other duties, but on account of medical advice. In consequence of the latter fact, any imperfections detected by the reader may be excused.

In conclusion, my warmest thanks are due, and are hereby given to the following for their kind assistance:— The chief officials, for furnishing me with certain particulars of their respective departments; to Mr. S. Guise, for obtaining the photographs; to Mr. H. Barratt, for revising the printer's proofs, and last, but not least, to my daughter, for not only assisting me in the compilation, but also in writing out the copy for the printer.

October, 1918.

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