Jubilee History of the Corporation of Huddersfield (1918) - Conclusion

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Table of Contents for Jubilee History of the Corporation of Huddersfield: 1868 to 1918 (1918) by Owen Balmforth:


The foregoing pages contain a record of municipal progress of which the citizens of Huddersfield have every reason to be proud.

What of the future? There can be no doubt that immense progress will be made in the next few years. Now that the war is over, the City Fathers will strive to further increase the amenities of the town. Among these will be additional Schools for both Elementary and Higher Education; Special Schools for Defective Children; a new Public Library and Art Gallery; the erection of hundreds of Dwelling Houses; new Public Baths; an extension of its Tramway system, &c., &c., all of which will add to the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants.

We close with a fervent hope that the town will continue to flourish, that its trade and commerce will increase in prosperity, and that its citizens, by their moral and intellectual qualities, will contribute to the highest well-being of the nation.

The following Note has been forwarded to the Editor:—


It may be recorded, incidentally, and as a coincidence with the celebration of the Jubilee of the Corporation, that, the Centenary of a very important and useful Local Institution occurs this same year — that of The Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Savings' Bank, founded in 1818, of which the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Dartmouth is President, Sir John Frecheville Ramsden, Bart., and Mr. H.R. Beaumont, Vice-Presidents, Colonel Freeman, J.P., Chairman of the very representative Board of Trustees and Managers, and Mr. George Smith Brook, the Actuary.

The Centenary of the Huddersfield Savings' Bank was celebrated on the same day as that of the Jubilee of the Huddersfield Corporation by a Special Meeting of its Honorary Trustees and Managers, the chairman of whom (Col. Freeman, J.P.) presided, and at which a Commemorative Address was delivered by Sir Albert Rollit, Chairman of the Statutory Inspection Committee of the Savings' Banks.

By a remarkable coincidence the Centenary of the Savings' Bank was the Jubilee of Mr. Brook's service in the Bank and also of Colonel Freeman's service on the Board of Management.