Joseph Vickerman (1836-1893)

Joseph Vickerman was a woollen merchant and manufacturer.


He was born on 16 December 1836, the son of Benjamin Vickerman of Steps Mill and his wife Mary (née Beaumont), and was baptised on 23 June 1837 at All Hallows, Almondbury.

His great-grandfather founded the firm of B. Vickerman & Sons Ltd. By 1844, the family business had moved from Steps Mill to Taylor Hill Mills.

He married Agnes Caroline Dûbs[1] on 17 October 1867 at Lanark, Scotland. The couple had five known children:

  • Francis Henry Dûbs Vickerman (1868–1942)[2]
  • Caroline Louise Vickerman (1871-1955)[3]
  • Mabel Lilian Vickerman (1873-1954)[4]
  • Agnes Sillars Vickerman (1875-1954)[5]
  • Nora Vickerman (1877-1963)[6]

By the 1860s, the family was residing at Fairlea, Taylor Hill.

Between 1871 and 1883 he represented the Almondbury and Newsome Ward in the Huddersfield Town Council. In December 1886 he became a magistrate of the borough. He was also a director of the West Riding Banking Company.

He died aged 56 on 7 July 1893 at Fairlea, Taylor Hill, leaving an estate valued at £86,242 16s. 11d. According to an obituary, he had been suffering "from a disordered liver" and had recently spent time at a Harrogate spa.

He was buried on 10 July 1893 at St. Paul, Armitage Bridge. Reportedly his pallbearers considered of "eight of the oldest workpeople in the employ of Messrs Vickerman".[7]


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