Joseph Taylor and Sons

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Joseph Taylor & Sons were an iron, steel and girder merchants established in 1842 by iron merchant Joseph Taylor (c.1808-?) of Lindley.[1] His sons were Henry Taylor (c.1844-1907)[2] and James Durrans Taylor (c.1849-1891)[3].

A letter dated 26 May 1917 gave their telephone number as Huddersfield 81 and their address as the Steel Girder Works, Kirkgate, Huddersfield. Amongst their offerings were:[4]

  • rolled steel channels in sections in sizes up to 15"x4", rolled steel girders, rivetted girders and shafting bars

The 1937 Directory gives the company's address as the Girder Works at 50 Kirkgate, Huddersfield.

Notes and References

  1. Joseph Taylor was residing at 9 Beast Market at the time of the 1861 Census along with his sons Henry Taylor (aged 17) and James Durrans Taylor (11). 10 years earlier, he appears as the "Manager of the Huddersfield Waterworks" and residing on Spring Street in the 1851 Census.
  2. Died 1 September 1907 at his residence "Woodville", Edgerton, having suffered a heart attack around 3 months previously during a visit to Ilkley. Left an estate valued at £28,452 3s.
  3. Died 20 May 1891 aged 42 at Westfield House. His eldest son Marshall Taylor died 3 days later on 23 May 1891 aged 17.
  4. Taken from a delivery note to Fisher, Firth & Co. of Marsden.