Joseph Hopkinson and Sons, Limited

J. Hopkinson & Sons Ltd., also known as Hopkinsons Ltd., was an engineering company.

The company was acquired by The Weir Group PLC in 1989.


The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980) by Brian Clarke:

This Company is today more readily associated with Birkby, but its foundations lay in Lockwood. It was in 1843 that Mr. Joseph Hopkinson converted two four-roomed cottages at Spring Place, off Lockwood Road into a factory for the manufacture of engineers fittings, especially for steam engines. Within a few years Mr. Hopkinson was renowned throughout the country as a leading expert on steam power and he was the author of a number of books on the subject. In 1852 Mr. Hopkinson patented a new safety valve named the “Duad” which was acclaimed a major breakthrough and this new valve was responsible in reducing the large number of boiler explosions in factories throughout the country. By 1871 the Lockwood works were far too small and the firm acquired additional premises in Huddersfield, eventually reaching their present home at Birkby in 1904. However, the Lockwood works were kept in operation until early this century.



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