Joseph Crosland (c.1807-1862)

This page is part of the Holmfirth Flood Project which aims to make content available to researchers in advance of the 175th anniversary of the 1852 Flood which will be commemorated in 2027.

Joseph Crosland was a printer, bookbinder and stationer of Upper Bridge, Holmfirth.


He married Sarah Harrop on 27 April 1828 at Ashton-under-Lyne.

The 1851 Census recorded him as a "bookseller, printer and stamp distributor" of Upper Bridge, Holmfirth.

Huddersfield Chronicle 13 March 1852 - Holmfirth Flood.png

Following the devasting flood of 5 February 1852, Joseph was one of the jurors at the subsequent inquest. As a local printer, he also provided forms for those wishing to make claims.[1]

He also published a memorial sheet headed "The Flood came, and took them all away [...] In memory of the following unfortunate individuals, who perished by the lamentable occurrence which took place about one o’clock on Thursday morning, the fifth of February, 1852, by the bursting of the Bilberry reservoir, situate about three miles above Holmfirth" which contained a list of the victims' names.[2]

He died on 28 July 1862 aged 55 and was buried at St. John's, Upperthong, on 31 July.

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