Joseph Brook (1787-1858)


He was born on 7 December 1787 at Thickhollins Hall, Meltham, the son of William Brook and his wife Martha (née Smith), and was baptised 3 January 1788.

His siblings included Jonas Brook (1775-1836) and Charles Brook (1792-1869).

He was a partner in both William Brook and Sons and Jonas Brook and Brothers, and spent his early years representing the former company in London with his elder brother William. He later became a partner in wool importers Riley, Brook and Co. of Huddersfield.

He married Harriet Smythe. They had nine children:

  • Richard Brook (1811-1874)[1]
  • George Henry Brook (1813-1882)[2]
  • Harriet Brook (1815-1886)[3]
  • Joseph Brook (1817-1859?)[4]
  • Charles William Brook (1819-1896)[5]
  • Frederick Smith Brook (1821-1859?)[6]
  • John Brook (1823-1884?)[7]
  • Emmeline Brook (1827-1845)[8]
  • Edwin Brook (1828-?)[9]

He was a founding partner and later a director of the Huddersfield Banking Company.

He was selected Chairman of the Improvement Commissioners a total of eight times, and was instrumental in the building of the Model Lodging House on Chapel Hill and Edgerton Cemetery.

Illness and Death

Joseph Brook died at 7:40am on Friday 16 July 1858, aged 72. He had been taken ill whilst in London the week before and returned to Huddersfield where his health deteriorated.

In their obituary article, the Huddersfield Chronicle noted, "there was no public undertaking as to which his advice was not asked — and no instance where that advice was cheerfully given."

Following his death, the Constable of Huddersfield, Joseph Shaw, issued the following circular to "the principal inhabitants of the district":

The lamented death of Joseph Brook, Esq., J.P., imposes upon the inhabitants of Huddersfield a mournful but an imperative duty, to honour — so far as their presence can confer honour — the transmission to the grave the remains of one whose life has been devoted to the promotion of the public interests of the district.

With a view to the due performance of this mournful duty, I take the liberty of inviting your attendance at a meeting of gentlemen, to be held at the Guildhall, to-morrow morning (Saturday), at ten o'clock precisely.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,
Joseph Shaw, Constable.
St. George's Square, July 16, 1858.

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Notes and References

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