Joseph Berry and Sons

Joseph Berry and Sons was as firm of architects established by Joseph Berry (1860-1944), together with his two sons Joseph Norman Berry (1887-1940) and Thomas Wilfred Berry (1891-1925).

In 1916, the company had the unusual commission of preparing plans of 23 Varley's Yard, Chapel Hill. Richard Cunningham had been arrested for the murder of his wife, Hannah, and the trial required professionally prepared plans of their house. In court, Joseph Norman Berry testified to the accuracy of the plans.[1]

Thomas Wilfred Berry was killed on the evening of 21 February 1925 when the car he was travelling in swerved and skidded after the driver was dazzled by oncoming headlights. The car smashed into a tram standard[2] and Thomas Wilfred died within minutes from extensive head injuries.[3]

The company advertised its premises at 4 Market Place for sale in mid-1939 for £9,000, having already moved to new premises at 5 Market Walk.[4]

Joseph Norman Berry died on 26 December 1940, aged 53.

The founder, Joseph Berry, died on 4 July 1944 at a nursing home in St. Annes-on-Sea.

The archives of the company are held by West Yorkshire Archive Service (reference: WYAS3205).

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