Joseph Berry (1860-1944)

Joseph Berry was a Huddersfield architect who also served as the town's Mayor.

He was a member of Huddersfield Borough Council for 34 years and was made a local magistrate in 1920. He also worked as the Borough Surveyor for Huddersfield.[1]


He was born on 20 November 1860 in Lockwood, the son of cloth dresser and finisher William Berry and his wife Jane (née Blockwell?).

He was baptised on 2 November 1862 at Emmanuel Church, Lockwood, alongside his younger sister Annie.

He married Eliza Ann Liversidge, daughter of Joseph Liversidge, on 24 September 1884 at Emmanuel Church. They had four children:

  • Eileen Berry (1885-1964?)[2]
  • Joseph Norman Berry (1887-1940)[3]
  • Thomas Wilfred Berry (1891-1925)[4]
  • George Vernon Berry (1894-1896)[5]

Berry had set up his architect's business on Queen Street, Huddersfield, by the start of 1891.

One of his earliest commissions was for the Lockwood & Salford Conservative Club, who moved to new premises on Lockwood Road in 1891 and required alterations to the existing building. The alterations reportedly cost around £600.[6]

He was nominated in 1892 for a seat on the Lockwood Board of Guardians[7] but only received 456, which placed him next to last of the eight candidates.[8] He was nominated again in 1898.[9]

His two oldest sons also became architects, joining their father in the firm of Joseph Berry and Sons. They both pre-deceased their father.

By 1911, he had moved to St. Annes-on-Sea in Lancashire, together with Eliza Ann and their daughter Eileen.

He served as the Mayor of Huddersfield in 1923/24. The following year, his son Thomas Wilfred was killed when the car he was travelling in swerved and skidded after the driver was dazzled by oncoming headlights. The car smashed into a tram standard[10] and Thomas Wilfred died within minutes from extensive head injuries.[11]

Joseph Berry died on 4 July 1944 at a nursing home in St. Annes-on-Sea.[12] His probate record listed effects to the value of over £13,382.[13]

Selected Local Works

Census Returns

year address residents
1861 Lockwood Scarr, Almondbury cloth dresser William Berry (27), his wife Jane (25), their children Emma (4) and Joseph (4 months), his mother-in-law Sarah Blockwell (53), and a visitor named Mary J. Blockwell (11)
1871 Lockwood Scarr, Almondbury William Berry (37), his wife Jane (35), and their children Emma (14), Joseph (10), Anne (8), Mary Hallas (4) and Ada (3 months)[14]
1881 Spawood Terrace, Newsome, Almondbury architect's assistant Joseph Berry (20) was lodging with his uncle, woollen cloth finisher David Berry (39), his wife Jane (37), and their children James (11) and Elizabeth (3)
1891 Armitage Crescent, Lockwood architect Joseph Berry (30), his wife Eliza A. (29), their children Eileen (5), Joseph N. (3) and Thomas W. (1 month), their general servant Dora Bushforth (14), and nurse Harriet B. Thornton (62)
1901 62 Fenton Road, Lockwood architect & surveyor Joseph Berry (40), his wife Eliza Ann (38), their children Eileen (15), Norman (13) and Thomas W. (10), and their domestic servant Beatrice Mason (15)
1911 Odersfelt, 16 Knowles Road, St. Annes-on-Sea architect & surveyor Joseph Berry (50), his wife Eliza Ann (47), their daughter Eileen (24), and their domestic servant Lilly Pickering (17)
2 Vernon Avenue, Huddersfield architects Thomas Wilfred Berry (20) and Joseph Norman (23), and their servant Lizzie Ann Wonnacott (19)

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