Joseph Bastow (c.1790-1853)

Joseph Bastow was a boot and shoe maker, cordwainer, landlord, and landlord of the King's Life Guard Inn at Meltham Mills.


He was born circa 1790 in Bingley, the son of shoe maker John Bastow.

His first wife was named Hannah.

As a widower, he married Martha Pearson on 11 January 1838 at All Hallows, Almondbury. She was the daughter of blacksmith Judah Pearson and was born around 1809 at Keswick, Cumberland.

In total, he had seven known children:

  • Sarah Bastow (c.1817-?)[1]
  • Elizabeth Bastow (c.1827-?)[2]
  • Hannah Bastow (c.1829-1865)[3]
  • Frances Bastow (c.1839-?)
  • Wellington Bastow (c.1841-1863)[4]
  • Robert Peel Bastow (1843-1889)[5]
  • Martha Mary Bastow (1847-?)[6]

He died aged 64 in October 1853 and was buried at St. James, Meltham Mills, on 23 October.

Martha Bastow died aged 53 on 10 October 1864.

Notes and References

  1. Born in Honley. Married widower cloth dresser John Hobson (son of dyer Eli Hobson) on 8 November 1841 at All Hallows, Almondbury.
  2. Baptised 21 March 1827 in Meltham.
  3. Baptised 18 February 1829 in Meltham. Married Jonas Townend on 19 July 1857 at All Hallows, Almondbury. Died October 1865 and buried 8 October at St. James, Meltham Mills.
  4. Baptised 21 February 1841 at St. James, Meltham Mills. Drowned on 3 July 1863 after going bathing, following playing cricket in Kirkheaton. Buried 6 July at St. James, Meltham Mills.
  5. Baptised 18 February 1844 at St. James, Meltham Mills. Married Mary Barraclough on 11 November 1865 at St. James, Meltham Mills. Died January 1889 and buried 17 January at St. James, Meltham Mills.
  6. Born 3 September 1847 and baptised 10 September 1848 at St. James, Meltham Mills. Worked as a servant in Harrogate (1871 Census). Married George Heppenstall on 3 June 1876 at St. Paul, Huddersfield.

Joseph Bastow (c.1790-1853)


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